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About Me

Hi, I'm Dan.


I'm a Bristol-based wedding photographer with more than 15 years of experience photographing weddings throughout the UK and overseas.


My photography style is to document the day using natural light, creating a light, soft glowing, style of photography. I love to photograph people being themselves - the laughter, the nervous giggles, and, of course, the romance. I love capturing the moments when old friends reunite, families reminisce, and when the couple finally gets to see their wedding day, which they've dreamed about for so long.


It's my job to make the couple - and their guests - feel relaxed and at ease with the camera.

I do this by being incredibly friendly and professional, but also by being relaxed and calm.


When I'm not working, I'm usually found hanging out with my family and photographing dramatic seascapes. I come from a family of painters and artists, so being creative is in my blood.


Thank you for visiting my website.


Dan Watkiss

Bristol wedding photographer
Bristol wedding photographer

How I capture your wedding day

My approach to wedding photography is to be relaxed and professional. I don't take over and get in the way; I hover in the background, capturing all those beautiful natural moments that make you, your guests, and your wedding so unique. I love working with people, and being a great wedding photographer is as much about people skills as it is about camera skills.


I always meet with the couple before their big day, either in person or, if it's more convenient, via a video call. We go through all the day's details, such as locations, timings, and the really important must-have shots that you want from your day. We can meet and chat as many times as you want.


I don't put any restrictions on the wedding day. I arrive 2 hours before the ceremony to capture the bridal prep and, I leave when everyone is dancing their socks off.

I also don't limit how many images you will receive; if an image works, then it's yours. Usually, it's at least 500+ images.

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