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Bath Wedding Photography

Watkiss Photography Provides Professional Bath Wedding Photography



I have been photographing weddings in Bath for over 10 years so I know the city and its wedding venues very well. It's where I was born and it's a place that I love spending time in. Throughout the years, I've seen the city develop into the vibrant and fiercely independent landscape that it is today. I always love photographing weddings in Bath, it's such a beautiful city that makes the perfect backdrop for any wedding.


My approach to being a Bath wedding photographer is all about keeping everything very natural and laidback. I achieve this by blending into the background and being as unobtrusive as possible. I love capturing candid shots where the person being photographed has no idea I'm there. This always creates beautiful natural images. It's also the best way of making people, who don't usually like being photographed feel relaxed.


Please click here to visit my homepage where you will be able to see lots of examples of my work. If you're getting married and you're looking for a Bath wedding photographer, then please get in touch as I'd love to hear about your wedding plans.

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