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Upton Barn Wedding Photography

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

This was my first visit to Upton Barn to photograph a wedding. It's a magical venue set in the Devon countryside.

Mae and Craig's wedding took place in April and in typical British fashion, the weather was a bit hit-and-miss.

A short walk from the Barn is the Bridal prep area.

The room, with its vast windows, has plenty of natural light.

The Groomsmen share a joke before the ceremony.

The ceremony takes place in a simple but beautiful room.

The grounds at Upton Barn provide plenty of options for photography. Even though the weather wasn't ideal, we still managed to get plenty of photos outdoors.

Although I always feel more at home taking natural photos of guests being themselves, I'm always more than happy to take more traditional line-ups as well.

It's natural for couples to feel awkward having their picture taken, especially as it's something that rarely happens. I always ask them to hold hands and talk to each other and ignore me. Hopefully, they forget I'm there and begin relaxing and sharing the moment.

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